Commission Art

Commission art is the creation of a piece of art or a series of pieces by an artist for the benefit of another. An individual commissions an artist for the creation of a specific piece of art which many times is the sole property of the client. The client is paying the artist for his time and talent in creating something that did not exist before and that is called work for hire in the language of intellectual property.

Regardless of how it is described it is an exciting event in which to engage, as it requires much thought and creativity to meet a specific vision. Perhaps the key to a successful commission is the relationship of the two parties and their abilities to clearly communicate with one another. Not really any different than any other type of arrangement.

The largest and longest commission I have had involved photographing a ranch and it’s vineyards during the four seasons of the year to show the different colors and different stages of a grapevine. I took over 1,000 photographs and ultimately about 40 + became giclée prints. This has been a very fulfilling project for me and one in which my client’s vision is being met.

There are other types of work which are a variation of commission art. One was to create a wall of giclée prints of vineyards from the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. Many of those pictures were part of my vineyard collection and they were supplemented by additional photographs. All became giclée prints which created a wall of grapevines to meet the client’s vision.

Another type of commission art was similar to the wall of vineyards but consisted of old trucks of which I am very fond. Many of those trucks were part of my truck collection.

The purest form of commission I have engaged in was that of the ranch and its four seasons. However each project has its own remarkable quality and excitement.

Please email me with ideas of what you would like to create and we will work toward realizing your vision.