Iron Stone Restaurant features Third Adventure Giclée Prints

Iron Stone, a casual California cuisine restaurant located in the historical Santa Rosa Hotel La Rose, features fresh cuisine using local Sonoma County produce, beef, cheese and wine.

The restaurant’s Chef, proprietor Tom McNulty, brings 20 years of culinary experience, along with a passion for food and Sonoma County wines, to Iron Stone. The restaurant's atmosphere encourages visitors and hotel patrons to enjoy leisurely early morning breakfasts, casual lunch dining, tasty late afternoon snacks or memorable dinners with friends and family, bringing the bounty of the Sonoma County Wine Country to each table.

Contributing to this unique and exclusive Sonoma community ambiance, visitors will find the Giclée Prints of local photographer, Richard Williams, who, like the restaurant's proprietor, seeks to preserve the distinctive feel of Sonoma’s wine country. A quick glance around the this popular eating establishment reveals Richard's canvas photography of area vineyards in rich harvest colors, or some of Northern California's antiquated architechtural icons forever captured in timeless photos. 

Hotel La Rose is the only Sonoma County hotel listed with the National Trust Historical Hotels of America. With both historic architecture and undeniable character, Hotel La Rose has been a dominant fixture of Santa Rosa's historic Railroad Square since 1907. With its comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff, the Iron Stone restaurant at Hotel La Rose provides an exceptional dining experience for vacationers, businessmen and regular patrons looking to enjoy the local cuisine.