Sonoma Valley

Long before Spanish and American settlers came to the Sonoma Valley, indigenous peoples enjoyed the area’s rich soils, temperate climate and generous supplies of food and water. Also referred to as the “Valley of the Moon”, Sonoma Valley is considered the birthplace of California's wine industry. Sonoma Valley lays claim to a rich cultural heritage, as well as unmatched natural beauty.

Nestled between the Mayacamas and Sonoma Mountain ranges, this part of Northern California is a patchwork of agricultural valleys, scenic hills, quaint farms and breathtaking parkland. Located in the heart of town, Sonoma Plaza is an eight-acre National Historic Landmark lined with lush shade trees and restored adobe buildings which indicate a strong history of Spanish influence.

In addition to a rich wine industry, Sonoma Valley offers a diverse cultural experience for the successful tourism industry with numerous attractions and activities. Sonoma nurtures a dynamic art industry championed by both cosmopolitan and community influences. Sculpture, painting and photography are abundant throughout the many galleries, guilds and businesses. From eco-tourism to shopping, Sonoma Valley offers something of interest for every visitor with its natural beauty, history, fine dining, art, and community festivals.

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